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Is Your Job Causing Depression?

Male Job List 20 February, 2020

Depression can happen for many reasons. Sometimes it can happen for no reason at all. For many people though, they can trace their depression back to the main source. Perhaps the loss of a family member or loved one. Sometimes depression can be caused by a work environment. Job-related stress and depression can be a real threat to your mental health. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you think your job might be causing depression. 

Do You Dread Going to Work?

Most people don't get excited about going to work necessarily. There is, however, a difference between not wanting to go to work on Monday morning and actually dreading to go to work every day. When you dread to go to work you, might experience anxiety attacks, sadness, and anger over being at work. This is much more serious. You should evaluate what it is about the job that you dread. 

Have Your Sleeping or Eating Patterns Changed?

Sleeping and eating patterns are one way you can tell if you are experiencing depression. Depression can have a huge effect on your hormones, and hormones will affect both of these patterns. Are you eating more than usual or less than usual? Are you sleeping more or sleeping less than you normally would? You might also notice that no matter how much you sleep you are always tired, or no matter how little sleep you get you can't doze off. The same can apply to food. 

Are You Becoming Easily Triggered?

This may not only apply at work but also at home. Do you find yourself getting easily triggered by things that in the past never bothered you? This is a sign of depression. When you cannot regulate your responses to stress it can create an ongoing cycle of bad reactions and further stress and depression. 

It is very important to ask yourself what it is about your work environment that could be causing these problems. Do you have a constant conflict with co-workers or supervisors? Are you overwhelmed with the tasks that are being assigned to you? It is important for your mental health to address these issues so that you can feel better and bring your best to work every day.