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How to Survive Working At Home In a Time of COVID

Male Job List 19 March, 2020

You may have often dreamed of working from home until you were actually told to go home and work. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, millions of employees have been sent home and asked to continue their jobs remotely. Sounds easy enough, right? You might have been surprised to find out it is harder than it looks. If you are struggling with your new work at home career, here are three tips to help you adjust.

You Are Not At Home

You might be at home, but you can't tell your brain that. It is very important that you create very strict boundaries for yourself during this time. Your brain will want to tell you that you are actually on a min-vacation. After all, home is where you kick back and relax. Your brain is programmed to do this. You will need to re-program your brain. The easiest way to do this is to set very definite work hours for yourself. During work hours you are at work, not at home. During non-work hours you are at home, just like you did when you headed out to work every day. 

Find a Space

It is also very important that you establish a physical boundary for yourself. You do not want to conduct all of your work from your couch or bed or anywhere else your brain associates with relaxation. You may not have a home office available, but you will need to establish a work area. This is for work only. This distinction will help you to become more productive while in this space. It will also help you relax later when you leave the space. 

Instruct the Housemates

Whether you live with roommates, a spouse, children, whoever, make sure they understand your work hours and your workspace. Send a clear message right from the first that you are at work during work hours. You are not home. Your housemates will push this boundary. Stand firm. Your productivity is on the line here. 

The COVID-19 crisis has us all feeling way outside our comfort zones. You can survive working from home. Use these tips to keep things productive.