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How to Quit Your Job Without Alienating Your Boss and Colleagues

Male Job List 21 October, 2019

It is possible to quit your job while remaining on friendly terms with your boss and colleagues. The following are some tips that can help you remain positive and amicable even as you transition to a new employment opportunity.

Remember Your Future is at Stake

You never know when you'll need help from a former employer or colleague. Alternatively, one of your current colleagues may know someone in your new workplace. Your actions at your current workplace won't remain hidden; for better or for worse, they'll affect your future job opportunities. Don't insult your boss and/or co-workers as you walk out the door and never post negative comments about your current workplace on social media outlets. 

Look for the Good at All Times

You may not like your current job very much but every single job has its good points. Focus on the things you like about your current job even as you prepare to turn over your responsibilities to someone else and start a new job. Speak positively about your current job when talking with your supervisor and colleagues and encourage your replacement to enjoy his or her new role in the company. If you have complaints, keep them to yourself. Voicing them will reinforce them in your mind and make life miserable for your colleagues. 

Don't Count on Quitting Immediately

Remember that you'll need to give notice before quitting your job. Don't count on being able to walk out the door right away. Instead, prepare yourself to handle your responsibilities for another two weeks after you have decided to quit. Making realistic plans will help you manage even if your job situation is less than ideal.

Quitting one job and starting another can create tension in your current workplace. However, you can minimise a great deal of this tension by speaking and acting in a positive manner. Doing so not only benefits your current employer but also helps you as it reduces stress in your life so you can think clearly and make wise decisions on future employment opportunities.