Career Advice

How to Document Volunteer Work on a Resume

Male Job List 16 April , 2021

When creating a strong resume, you want to include anything that will strengthen the image you are trying to portray to the hiring manager. Sometimes volunteer work can help you accomplish this. Keep reading to find out how to document volunteer work on a resume.

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Three Types of Driving Jobs You Can Get

Male Job List 15 March , 2021

A driving job might be a perfect work opportunity for you if you're a quiet type who likes to travel and work alone. These are three driving opportunities that may interest you, and the requirements you need to meet to obtain such jobs:

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Home-based Business Ideas for Stay At Home Parents

Male Job List 18 February , 2021

The current economic situation has many stay-at-home parents looking for ways to contribute to their family's income. If you want to stay close to home but also earn an income, starting a home-based business could be the solution you are looking for. Keep reading to discover a few great home-based business ideas for stay-at-home parents.

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Tips for Handling Your First Day of Work

Male Job List 15 January , 2021

Your first day of work can be intimidating and stressful if you don't know how to handle it. On the other hand, it can be a pleasurable experience if you carry the right attitude. These are some tips for getting through your first day on a new job...

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Three Exercises to Do at Work to Prevent Fatigue

Male Job List 16 December , 2020

Fatigue is something that sweeps in during a work shift and tries to take you down for a nap in the middle of your day. Aside from ingesting caffeine and eating healthy foods, exercise is the best way to stay alert. These are three quick exercises you can try the next time you get tired at work. Get up and do them immediately to avoid letting fatigue win the battle.

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